About Crystal

Crystal Brinkerhoff’s first short story was published by Eakin Press in 2017. Since then, she has had short stories published in a variety of places. She recently received the Praisworthy Award for Emerging Author in Fantasy/Science Fiction. She manages the social media arm for Verso.ink. Crystal lives in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains where she endeavors to raise five kids while working on writing projects. She is currently working on her first full length novel. Read more »

Wicked Fun

A home planet that kidnaps its inhabitants, an eerie asylum on an island, a friendly seance that turns deadly, and a vacation that turns into a crash course on paranormal investigations.

Find all of these and more in this short story collection. Wicked Fun promises wicked chills.


After a horrific accident at sea, a man finds himself stranded on an island, lucky to be alive, but not quite alone.


One Simple Way I Invest In My Writing Goals

  The ideas were pouring in. I obsessed over characters and storyline when I was grocery shopping, sitting at swim lessons, even cooking dinner. I needed something to keep notes on when I was away from the computer. We had notebooks all over the house. The cheap,...

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Sometimes Writing is Like The Emperor’s New Groove

I'm working on the final part of my current work in progress. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel for this draft. I met with my critique partner a few weeks ago. I was anxious to hear what she thought about my big climax scene. So when she talked about how...

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More Reasons to Love SCBWI

SCBWI...the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. (Because seriously...I could talk about this event for days. Daaays I tell you!) Having my good friend there with me. I could bounce thoughts off of her while my brain worked to process things. She also...

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Crystal Goes to Denver

A few weeks ago I did a big thing. I took a trip just for me. No kids. No husband. Just my friend and I hopping on a plane and getting out of town. Purely indulgent. You might be imagining a spa weekend getaway for some much needed pampering. But that wasn't it at...

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Mourning with UCC

I managed to lose my phone this morning. When I found it in my son's school parking lot it had already been run over. The screen was crushed, and broken shards of glass threatened to slip from the case. I was irritated, but consoled myself with, “Oh well, does anyone...

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Epic Hike to Mystic Lake

Outdoor Enthusiast is an inclusive kind of guy. Like, almost to a fault. Outdoor Enthusiast: I've been experimenting in the kitchen with apples from our backyard. I made my first apple crisp. Friend: Congratulations. That sounds delicious. Outdoor Enthusiast: You and...

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Happy Birthday Agatha Christie

When I was in college someone passed on their used Agatha Christie collection to me. Mostly I felt a little indignant when I read the first one. Not because someone had given me used books. (You should know me better than that.) But because I hadn’t been introduced...

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The Reluctant Wife of an Outdoor Enthusiast

I like the outdoors. Really I do. But not like my husband. He can't stand to stay indoors for very long. And by very long I mean more than three minutes. He can't sit still. He gets stir-crazy. I can literally feel the anxious energy, like his sanity is about to...

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