When Crystal was 8 yrs old she rode a scooter into the path of an oncoming car at the intersection by the gas station. The car screeched to a halt, but not before colliding with Crystal’s hip, sending her flying one way and her glasses another.

Walking away with nothing more than a few scrapes and bruises was baffling for Crystal. Car accidents mean hospitals and broken bones. This was the most interesting thing to happen in her young life. Having cheated death, Crystal wasn’t sure how to process what this meant so she turned to her wide ruled paper and #2 pencil. A heart-wrenching story unfolded on the pages of a convalescing girl who is recovering from a car accident when she learns that her dog was killed in a hit and run accident. All on her birthday. Crystal wept as she wrote. Pure gold.

She has been using writing as a way to process, create, and express herself ever since. It provides an outlet that she’s still not sure she understands.

Crystal currently lives in Provo, UT with her adventure-loving husband, five boisterous children, and one boxer who’s happiest when he’s in the thick of it all. She is currently working on several writing projects and hoping that some of those will actually be able to see the light of day.