About Crystal

I have always loved writing. When I don’t hate it. Maybe I should say I’ve always had to write. That’s more accurate. It calls to me and I’m compelled to answer. Read more »


Clever Elsie

“She can see the wind coming up the street and hear the cough of a fly.”

Dancing Skeletons

Recollections of growing up with a big Mormon family in a small Oregon town.


The America I see

The 4th of July makes me crazy nostalgic. Colorful explosions are popping and booming across the valley and I find myself genuinely loving my new home. We have plans to go to the local parade where we'll salute our flag and honor the veterans who have served our...

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Interview With Author Erica Millard

One really cool perk about being a writer, is meeting other writers who are working on the books that readers are about to fall in love with. I read an early version of Erica Millard's debut novel, Alizarin Crimson, and I have been waiting for it to make its way out...

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Interview With Jo Cassidy

I recently got all fangirly over the release of Good Girls Stay Quiet by Jo Cassidy. A friend witnessed the display and suggested we read the book for a brand new book club she decided we should put together. So we did! We did book themed snacks and gel pens with...

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Harriet vs Mrs. Piggle Wiggle

In honor of tonight's book signing at Brazos Books, I have to share this funny thing from several months ago. Most of my kids have read my short story in the Road Kill 2 anthology. I love that my kids think what I do is pretty cool. It's about the only thing I do that...

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I've been sitting on some really exciting news all summer, and I feel like I can finally announce it! My short horror story was accepted by Eakin Press to be part of an anthology. That's right, an official publication! The book launch for Road Kill: Texas Horror by...

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Summer of Firsts

Today I’ll visit Wisconsin for the very first time. (Even though my brother lived there ages ago with his family. Like, for years. Best. Sister. Ever.) This trip has had me thinking. It's been a summer of a lot of firsts for me so I made a list: -Ventured to Waco and...

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Oh The Horror

I tried to shut out the giggles and screams from the rest of the volleyball team so I could drift off into the sweet oblivion of sleep. That was it. The only plan I had to escape the horror movie playing out on the large tv screen in front of me. A movie I did NOT...

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What Should My Boy Read?

We seem confused about what books our boys should be reading. The glorious dawn of summer means parents are concerned about what their kids should be reading on their watch. This time of year always brings the inevitable plea for help from social media. Mom: My son is...

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Leaving Traces

A recent trip to New Mexico coincided with my sister’s birthday. It’s been a few years since her passing and her kids were really young at the time. I wonder sometimes how well they remember her. My brother-in-law’s new wife does a remarkable job of finding ways to...

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Tough Enough For The Garden

I’m trying a garden in our new climate even though I have bugs and kids and a dog working against me. Not to mention the possibility of hail, hurricanes, and tornadoes. (Because when they say, “Everything’s bigger in Texas,” what they really mean is, “Everything is...

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