Have you been following my ghost story on Instagram? It’s been a spooky thing in our house, perfect for this time of year. I don’t want creepy things to happen all the time, but for some reason it feels ok right now.

In case you missed it, here’s the quick recap. I was playing the piano about a week ago and I heard a loud clatter. Nobody else was in the room with me so I went to investigate. One of my Halloween pictures had fallen from its spot. Not a huge deal usually. I get that my command hooks don’t always hold up.

But the picture hadn’t just fallen straight down. It was on the floor, several feet away to the side of where it should have landed. Like someone had swatted it. When I looked at the spot where it had been hanging I got chills. There was a very distinct, greasy hand swipe right where the picture had been hanging.

Did a kid do that before I hung the picture? I don’t remember seeing it there, but maybe?

My husband came downstairs to check it out. I think he was a little delighted to be perfectly honest. He took pictures and posted them on social media.

Is there a perfectly good explanation? Probably. Does it involve ghosts? I don’t know and I’m afraid to commit either way!

In my short story White Lady Inn, I love the paranormal investigating Herman sisters. They’re so fun and brave and knowledgeable, and they have really cool gadgets to help them gather information. Their philosophy is to learn how to live peaceably with the spirits who still inhabit spaces. I like writing about ghosts. It’s fun to make up my own rules about them. I’m not so sure about actually living with them!

The dog was in the room with me when it happened, and he wasn’t at all phased. So I’m going to say that if we do have a ghost, I’m taking the dog’s lead on this one. He’s not concerned, so I’m not concerned. And maybe a kid left a mark on the wall. And I just happened to hang a spooky picture above a perfect handprint. And something about the way it fell made it slide across the room.


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