The ideas were pouring in. I obsessed over characters and storyline when I was grocery shopping, sitting at swim lessons, even cooking dinner. I needed something to keep notes on when I was away from the computer.

We had notebooks all over the house. The cheap, solid-colored kind that my kids love to get their hands on and create elaborate pictures and stories. I struggled to find enough blank pages to claim for myself.

Then my good friend Erica gave me a super thoughtful gift. A book to read and a cute notebook to write in. Can you tell why we’re friends?

I filled up the notebook in no time. It was such a luxury to have my own adorable space to write and keep track of notes. So the next time I was in the store I determined to grab more to have on hand. Out of habit I reached for the cheap notebooks and my hand hesitated, hovering over the solid colors.

I considered the appealing designs that cost a little more. And I grabbed one. The kids immediately tried to lay claim on my treasure. But I set them straight.

“You have a million notebooks at home. The colored ones are yours. Anything with a design on it is mine!” I didn’t actually say, “My precious,” but they got the idea.

It sounds silly, but this wasn’t just a cutesy notebook. The $1.20 was actually a declaration that I was worth the extra money. My goals were worth investing in.

That attitude has carried over into more crucial aspects of my writing goals. Like time. There’s never enough of it. My family is learning that I will take the time I need (not the time I want–there’s never enough of that!) in order to accomplish my writing goals. They accomodate me because it’s important to me.

And my goals are worth investing in.







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