About Crystal

I have always loved writing. When I don’t hate it. Maybe I should say I’ve always had to write. That’s more accurate. It calls to me and I’m compelled to answer. Read more »


Clever Elsie

“She can see the wind coming up the street and hear the cough of a fly.”

Dancing Skeletons

Recollections of growing up with a big Mormon family in a small Oregon town.


Sharing the Brainchild, Making it Shine

Today I sent off the most polished version of the first ten pages of Clever Elsie that has ever existed. Wish her luck! I'm going to a writer's retreat in May, and part of that experience will be reading those ten pages out loud to a small group of people who will...

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“If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance.”  -George Bernard Shaw Our friends recently had a litter of puppies. The runt was several pounds smaller than her thriving littermates. She struggled and fought several times each day to get...

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My Inspiration for Clever Elsie

Clever Elsie is the name of a Grimm’s tale. After I stumbled across it I found myself kind of obsessing about it. This poor girl. She needed a happy ending! (Would it have really killed you to fudge the ending Grimm boys?) So I started to create a story for Elsie....

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Authenticity in Writing

The experience and wisdom of a high school teacher is not a thing to take lightly. I learned to sew in Mrs. Patterson's Home Economics class. We spent the semester making pin cushions, mastering the slip stitch, making pillows, and learning the art of the sewing...

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My Efforts to Create a Relevant Online Writing Presence

A friend recently asked me if I make any money when I blog. The answer: Nope. Which means I’m probably doing it wrong. Instead my goal is to create something of an online presence and establish some credibility among readers. Then when I finally get something out...

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One Simple Way I Invest In My Writing Goals

  The ideas were pouring in. I obsessed over characters and storyline when I was grocery shopping, sitting at swim lessons, even cooking dinner. I needed something to keep notes on when I was away from the computer. We had notebooks all over the house. The cheap,...

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Sometimes Writing is Like The Emperor’s New Groove

I'm working on the final part of my current work in progress. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel for this draft. I met with my critique partner a few weeks ago. I was anxious to hear what she thought about my big climax scene. So when she talked about how...

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